Best Things to Do in Kolkata in One Day, Part 3.

New town is a planned area that is 3 times bigger than salt lake city specially developed for the IT hub in Kolkata. To boost tourism in Kolkata new town has been planned to attract let me take you to the heart of Kolkata 

12 PM: Mother's Wax museum

This is situated just opposite of the eco-park from gate no 2. As the name suggests it has all the replica of famous figures in the wax statue. So take as many selfies as you want with your favorite heroes.

Spider Man
Albert Einstein
Bahubali Movie Characters

2:30 PM: Eco-park

It is the biggest park in India. I have been to eco-park twice and always ended up covering only the one third of the park. I think one day is very little to see the whole park. So I have decided whenever I’ll visit it next time I’ll hire a cycle and will take around the park. If you have a dream of taking pictures in front of 7 wonders of the world, then just come to this park, it has it all, all the replica of 7 wonders. Not even this, it has a Japanese park inside the whole eco-park, isn’t it impressive? And an island connected by a bridge and different adventure activities is available from shikara ride, kayaking, speed boat, zorbing, etc and the list goes on.
Japanese Temple
Night View

7 PM: Biswa Bangla restaurant

what about dining in India's first hanging restaurant or just enjoy 360-degree spectacular view of new town from the viewing gallery where culture of Bengal has been showcased.

Biswa Bangla
Biswa Bangla
Biswa Bangla

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