Best Things to Do in Kolkata in One Day, Part 1.

8 AM: Putul Bari & Kumortuli

Kumortuli, one of the most famous places for photographers, a potter’s colony. People come here before Durga puja to see the making of idols when the lanes have a different charm to this place.

Putul Bari, One of the top 10 haunted places in West Bengal. It is said that the zamindars during British time use to bring women to dance and later the zamindars would molest and murder them, hence their soul haunts the place.

Putul Bari

Kumortuli and Putul bari is just a walking distance away from each other. you can easily reach there from Shobha Bazar Satanuti metro station or you can opt for a bus and cab too till Shobha Bazar.

Get indulge in the vibe of Kumortuli especially before Durga puja and need not mention Putul bari. When we went there, it was so early around 6 AM that all the potter’s shops were closed. Some people were brushing their teeth. Then we thought of walking to the Putul bari but we couldn’t find the entry of the gate as shown by google map and we were scared to ask local because Putul bari is private property and trespasser are not allowed and people there might get offended. Then we move forward towards the river, crossing the railway track and then started walking towards the riverside and there we saw the Putul bari. That was the backside of the Putul bari. We recognize that by its sculpture of doll over the terrace which was clearly visible from far.

  Haunted Putul Bari 
11 AM: Jorashako Thakur Bari & Marble palace

Jorashako Thakur Bari is the ancestral home of the Tagore family where Rabindranath Tagore(Thakur) spends his childhood, which now turned into a museum that showcases the lifestyle of the Tagore family and also their involvement in society. It so well maintained and showed that you will feel like you have come in their time. gallery with a separate area within the Jorashako Thakur bari was off one’s head and my favorite is the Japanese gallery. Everything was decorated in such a way that you will get the vibe of Japanese culture the moment you enter the gate, where photographs of Rabindranath Tagore during his visit to Japan have been hang.
Thakur Dalan

Jorashako Thakur Bari

Jorashako Thakur Bari

Jorashako Thakur Bari

Marble Palace, as the name, suggests this palace is famous for its marble floor, walls, sculptures, and everything. This palace was built by a Bengali merchant Raja Rajendra Mullick.  the palace is still a private residence it is said that you need to make a permit before 24 hr but when we visited we just showed Id card without any prior Permits, but photography is not allowed. when I tried to take a picture the guard got so offended that he refuse to give us entry but after so much request, he finally permit us. Though the entry pass is free you need to hire a guide but the charge is very less.

Take the metro from Sovabazar Satunuti to Girish park metro station and walk toward Jorashako Thakur Bari then to marble palace.
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3 PM: Millennium park

It’s a 2.5 km long park in the riverside from where you can feast your eye with the view of majestic Howrah Bridge over the Hooghly river.

Hooghly river

The easiest way would be to take a cab or if you are in budget then take the metro from Mahatma Gandhi Road metro station to Park street station and then ply the E1 bus toward Howrah station or any minibus, just ask before climbing the bus then climb down at the millennium park.

5 PM: Princep ghat

It's one of the most famous places in Kolkata both for couple and adventurers, for the couple it's romantic!! and for adventures, well!! its also one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. But hardly it will happen that you get to feel something spooky. I think the ghost of Princep ghat doesn’t like crowds!!

Princep Ghat

Walk towards BBD Bagh bus stand from millennium park then climb the S3B bus no. and get down at prince ghat.

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