Best Things to Do in Kolkata in One Day, Part 2.

If you are a person who loves a long walk like me. Then here is my Part 2 of Kolkata Travel series:  Walk for 45 min(approx).

A Day In Kolkata(Charm of Kolkata), Part 1

I have done this in the scorching heat of summer and you better don’t do that if you don’t want to get boil by the sun. The best time would be winter for this and don’t forget to wear your most comfortable shoe and dress.

10 AM: Victoria memorial

Your walk starts from here. Victoria Memorial is a memorial to Queen Victoria one of the most beautiful white marble monuments of Kolkata. The entry timing for Victoria memorial Museum is 10 AM. But the garden opens much earlier in the morning. So you can come before 10 AM to have enough time to sit in the garden and taking snaps. The museum won't take more than hour to see it properly. Taking pictures is not allowed inside the museum and it's closed on Monday and any national holiday.

Victoria Memorial
Victoria Memorial

11 AM: St paul's cathedral

It's just a 10 min walk from Victoria memorial. And one of the most famous churches in India for its indo-gothic architecture.

St paul's cathedral
St paul's cathedral
Outside gate

11:30 AM: Birla planetarium

Its just adjacent to the st paul's cathedral. The distance between them is not even 200m and just a 2min walk. It’s a place of the cosmic world, it will fascinate you with 1000s stars, milky way, galaxy and whatnot about the universe in a show for 30 mins. The shows are held in 3 languages(Hindi, English, Bengali) at a different time.

Birla planetarium
Inside Birla Planetarium

1:10 PM: Elliot Park

You can visit this park on the way to the Indian Museum. It opens for a very short time from 1PM to 4PM everyday. It’s a huge and beautiful park to take a walk around. Though I have skipped this place as it was summer then but you can go for it.

Outside Park

2:30 PM: Indian Museum

Unexpected Ride While Exploring A City By Myself, KOLKATA

Now you are going to cover the longest part of the distance today, another 15 min walk and you are there in Indian Museum. It is the largest and oldest museum of India with a different gallery inside the museum.

Indian museum
Indian museum
Inside Museum

3:30 PM: New Market

Our last stop. Heaven for shopaholic and foodies. A place from junk jewelry to trending dresses to shoes you get it all. But don’t forget to bargain. This place is overcrowded all over the year. And food? Just name it and you will get it. This market is closed on every Sunday except before Durga puja, eid when it's open 24/7.

Mango Lassi In New Market


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