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Imagine arriving at a place in the evening after a long bus journey, then spent the rest of the evening in a long walk. Your body is tired and someone says let's go for a morning walk the next morning. Will it excite you? It had to excite me because something different was waiting for me to witness.

Shaheb Bandh 

I never thought that I can spend 2 hours just sitting in a park. Saying only sitting will be unfair. I had seen little fluffy ducklings floating in the water like the yellow inflatable ducklings accompanying the baby while bathing, it seemed exactly like that, stiff, no control over their ways, floating with the stream, just carried away with the flow and their Mumma duck was in search to feed them. I wish I could take them in my hand. The sweet breeze in the spring seemed like dancing with the speed of the stream. With the light, the current slowly starts losing its speed.

Shaheb Bandh Joggers Park

In our back, oldies were starting the day in the laughing club. Laughing like they were making the weirdest sounds ever like a dog were barking, each time differently. I and my friend couldn’t control and start laughing too, that was damn funny. We were mimicking them, of course quietly. I bet if anyone sits there for at least 30 min, that will be the best start for the day, starting the day with peace and lots of laughter. And some young men were running and working out, and here we were a lazy person sitting and enjoying the morning with a view of fluffy duck and background music of a laughing club. I wanted to stay more but the sun starts showing but we were again there in the evening just before sunset. And this time we hired a shikhara. Yes, the one which we see on the Dal lake of Kashmir, the shikhara ride.

The sunset we saw with the shikhara ride and Bengali songs sung by my friend and women on another boat, it took us to the different world of serenity. We passed an island with thousands of birds like an arena full of birds just made for them.

Arena Of Birds

Which then carry on with a zorbing and we couldn’t understand, what was that for which we couldn’t move the zorb ball was it the wind or we 3 together were not strong enough to move the ball or was it the zorb ball which was defected, whatever the reason was, the thing is we couldn’t move the ball at all, and guess what the next people who go inside after we finish, couldn’t do that too. So for sure, our energy wasn’t in any doubt.


The day doesn’t end here, we had a lot more to do in this town. And just like that we landed over a 5-star restaurant, not to dine in but make them feel our presence, hahaha!! Jokes apart so our local friend wanted to show us a rooftop bar which a connection to a restaurant by a beautiful crystal clear white tiled floor. When we entered the restaurant I don’t remember if I have had seen a single person except for the waiters, after all, who gonna try chutney in the name of which we couldn’t even pronounce but sounds like Italian. Then we with much confidence we exited from the back door of the restaurant and the white tiled floor with a beautiful painting on the wall was a hidden place and we had access to that, we were laughing at our intention. And when we were about to open the door of our destination, the rooftop bar, our so-called confidence went to zero. while coming back waiters were staring us like we have ditched their desi food in the name of fancy cuisine. If they ever check that Cctv camera they might be thinking what that 3 stupid girls were doing here. I doubt if anybody has done this in that restaurant or any other 5-star restaurant.

Some Stupidity

Best travel memories don’t come from exotic places but from the experiences, we live in that moment and this town has made me realize that. One thing for Purulia, which I have learned after so much practice that পুরুল্যা শহরটো ঘুরে আমার দমে ভালো লাগ্যেছে” (Purulia shohor to ghure no amar dome bhalo lageche) which means "I really enjoyed visiting Purulia".

পুরুল্যা শহরটো ঘুরে  আমার দমে ভালো লাগ্যেছে


I hope you loved reading my blog from Purulia "https://www.featherfervour.com/2020/05/purulia-westbengal.html"

Much Love to you!!

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