Unexpected Ride While Exploring A City By Myself, KOLKATA

Indian museum

I have been to Kolkata, zillion times. It's like a second home to me. No matter how many times I go there, I feel the same excitement always. Happiness is still the same when I grab the window seat while crossing the Howrah bridge on a bus. 

I was here for 2 more days. So I thought, why not explore Kolkata alone. My plan was to visit the Indian museum, where I have never been to and then a tram ride, which I have never ridden on. My didi asked to accompany me, but I knew very well my impatient sister is never going to ride a tram, so I immediately deny to go with her and told her to join me next time. She told me to come before lunch, which means 3 PM.
Indian Museum
Indian Museum

I took the metro to the esplanade. After reaching I navigate the location, a 10 min walk from the metro station. It was a straight road leaving the new market on the left side. I was strictly following the Google map. When you are alone and don't want to ask anyone, google maps is the only companion. There was a left turn, I took that. While walking through that left turn I can see the Indian museum but there's still a right turn left to reach the gate of the Indian museum. Then I took the right road. I reach the location where google maps were showing but there was no sign of entrance gate. I can still see the museum but where's the hell, the entry gate went. Then I started walking back. I thought of asking someone but I hesitate and thought of finding myself. I went to the place where I took the left road. And walk for few meters straight. You won't believe the great Indian museum was just on my left side. I felt like kicking myself. If I use my common sense a little, I wouldn't have to walk that extra meters. Then I calm myself by saying it happens and it's ok.  
Indian Museum
Photograph From Kumbh Mela
I bought a ticket. It was 20 for Indians and 500 for foreigners. And seriously I felt so pity for the foreigners at that time albeit they are coming all the way, spending thousands on the air ticket. They shouldn't be paying 25 times than us. But then, this is how the economy of a country works. Then I went inside. Honestly, I never liked history, in fact, I have zero interest in history unless I’m watching a movie, so without wasting my time in reading what species they were or in what era they found it. I just took a walk to the entire museum.
Indian Museum
One Of Many Selfies
One thing which got my attention was the photography section from the Kumbh Mela, maybe because that was not a part of history. I took a lot of selfies. Sat in the ground for some time and when I check the time it was already 2 PM. That means I have to rush for the tram ride. Before that, I gobble some momos as I was already running late. I navigate the tram depot. And this time with my common sense too, I reach the tram depot in the exact location.
kolkata tram
Tram Depot
I thought I'll just take a short ride to Park street. I asked a man, which tram goes to Park Street. He told that there is no tram route to park street and advised me to go to the metro. It took me quite a time to make him understand that I need to go there by tram only. It was already 2:20 PM. And I need to go home. And unfortunately, my plan to ride a tram failed. 
After almost 3 months, when I went to Kolkata. 15th April, Bengali new year it was that day, I went to college street to buy some novels. College street which is the largest book street in Asia. It is also said that there is no book which can't be found in college street. I walk from stalls to stalls to get the novel which I wanted. But I end up buying which was not even on my list. After that, in that sweltering weather, I got so tired to walk back to the metro station. I badly needed a rickshaw to the metro but there was no sign of that. And the traffic was horrible. Then suddenly I saw a tram and get so excited and thought no matter what, wherever the tram is going, I'm riding it. And this is how I get into my first tram ride, unexpectedly.

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