Top 25 Incredible Places to Visit in Sunderbans

Sunderban, the land of River and Royal Bengal Tigers is shared between India and Bangladesh. Indian Sunderbans is in the area of approx 4500 sqr. km with 102 Islands.
Sunderbans is a recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also the World's largest Delta, World's Largest Mangrove Forests and Highest Population of Tiger in the World.
So here are the Top 25 splendid places you must visit in Sunderban-
Sunderban Stories

  1. Sajnekhali: The gateway of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve and one of the most popular among visitors. It is a part of Sajnekhali Wild Life Sanctuary, has a Mangrove Interpretation Centre, a Watch Tower, and a Bon Bibi temple. You can obtain permission to enter the Sunderban Tiger reserve from here.    
    View From Watchtower
  2. Sunderbans
    Mangrove Interpretation Centre
  3. Sudhannyakhali: It’s a 20 min journey from Sajnekhali. It has a Mangrove park and a Watch Tower with a clean observation area, and a Bon Bibi temple. Here we spotted a herd of deer and Tiger can also be spotted if you get lucky.
  4. Sunderbans
    Watch Tower
  5. Dobanki: It is famous for its beautiful Canopy walk of 150 m leading to a Watch Tower. The canopy walk gives a thrilling experience walking above the Mangrove forest. 
  6. Sunderbans
    View From Canopy Walk
    Canopy walk
  7. Netidhopani: This place is famous for the mythological tale of ‘Behula-Lakhindar’. It has a Watch Tower and ruins of a 400 years old temple of ‘Chand Sowdagar’, a merchant from the mythological tale.
  8. Burir Dabri: It is famous for its Watch Tower, a mud walk and a caged trail through mangroves leading to a viewpoint “Raimongal View Point”. From the Watch Tower, you can view Bangladesh Sundarbans.
  9. Bonie camp: It has the highest watchtower in the Sundarbans of 50 feet. It is quite close to the Bay of Bengal and takes 6 hours to reach from Sajnekhali.
  10. Bhagabatpur: The Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project is an important tourist destination of Sunderban and It is the only crocodile project in West Bengal.
  11. Kalas Dwip: It is situated outside the core area of Sunderbans at the estuary of the River Matla. It is also the breeding ground of the Olive Ridley Turtles that come on the beach for laying the egg.
  12. Haliday Island: It is one of the Wildlife Sanctuaries of the Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve, situated very close to the Bay Of Bengal. Royal Bengal Tigers are occasional visitors to this Island.
  13. Lothian Island: This small island can be reached from Namkhana with a permit from DFO/24-Parganas(South) Division, Alipore, Kolkata or from Namkhana Range office. This Island is free from Tiger so you can easily walk around and enjoy its view at sunset.
  14. Jharkhali: It is a famous village of Sunderbans and has the only ‘Tiger Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre ’ in Sunderban.
  15. Sunderbans
    Tiger Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre
  16. Bakkhali: It is one of the most popular deltaic Island with human inhabitation close to the Bay of Bengal. Red crabs are the most attractive feature on this beach. It has a hard beach which makes it suitable for cycling.
  17. Sunderbans
    Beach Cycling
  18. Frazergunj: Mr. Andrew Fraser. The former Governor of Bengal explored this area and hence the name of Frasergunj. It has a 7 km long beach stretching from Bakkhali to Frazergunj, a twin beach.
  19. Henry’s Island: It is an island near Bakkhali. It is named after a European who surveyed this land.
  20. Mousuni Island: This is a confluence of a river and a sea. This Island is growing its popularity with unique accommodation of camping by the beach. Also read: Mousuni Island-What to Know Before You Go
  21. Sunderbans
  22. Jambu Dwip: It is an inhabited and a restricted Island, though one can take a boat around the Island.
    Jambu Dwip From Mousuni Island Beach
  23. Gangasagar/ Sagar Dwip: Gangasagar pilgrimage and fair (Mela) is the second-largest congregation after Kumbh Mela. People come here to take a dip in the holy water of Bay of Bengal especially on the occasion of 'Makar Sankranti'
  24. Kaikhali: it is a small land adjoining the confluence of Matla and Nimaniya rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal. At kaikhali, an ashram is set up by Nimpith Ashram.

  25. Piyali: It is a small island at the confluence of Piyali and matla River. It is very popular as a picnic spot in the winter.
  26. Diamond Harbour: The charming name was given by the British. It offers a spectacular view of the river. There is also an old lighthouse nearby.
  27. Canning: This place is named after Charles Canning, he was the Governor-general of India. This is a Picnic spot lies on the banks of Matla River.
  28. Gosaba: you will be surprised to walk through the town as you will see every time of shops even a gold jewelry shop. This town has the only ATM in the Sunderban region and an SBI bank. You will also find a Rabindranath Tagore's and Hamilton's bungalow. 
  29. Sunderbans
                                                Hamilton's bungalow 
    Rabindranath Tagore's Bungalow
  30. Machranga Dwip: This is a small island situated in the middle of the Ichamati River near Hasnabad town. It is an ideal picnic spot during winter.
  31. Dhaturdaha: It is a village with scenic beauty. The area has a charming beauty with fishing lakes, ponds, local Temples.
  32. Taki: You can enjoy the mid-river experience of meeting the countrymen of Bangladesh, on the Ichamati River, where tourists from both countries ride on boats to get a close view of other country.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!

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