Memories From The Experiences-MUKUTMANIPUR

mukutmanipur dam

We did our research, all we need to know was the timing of the first bus which leaves for Mukutmanipur from Durgapur. The first bus was at 5:10 and we need to get into this bus anyhow because the next bus is at 9:30, which we can't risk going as we have to return the same day.
          We need to reserve an auto to go to the bus station. We called one and he was demanding double the actual rate, we tried to bargain a little bit but as we were 6 people, we agreed on that.
          We were all set to go the next day. Usually, I don't sleep early if I have to go somewhere early the next day as I can sleep while on the journey. So that night too I watched a movie till 1:30 am. And putting the alarm at 3:00 am, I went for sleep.

          As soon as the alarm rang I called the auto driver as he told me to wake him up, I told the auto driver to pick us up at 4:30 am. Then one by one we freshen up and got ready.
          It was “4:20” we were almost ready. At “4:25” I called the driver, his phone was coming not reachable. I wait for a little, it was “4:30” He must be on his way, we thought. “ 4:40” and we were still calling and it was still saying not reachable. We almost wait till “4:50” and get out of our room.
We walk toward the main road in the hope to get any auto luckily, but no! there was no auto. We can't take a chance to wait now. We called another driver, fortunately, he came and we reached the station at 5:12. We still had hope, but the bus left. That the moment I thought, can’t the bus, not leave at the right time. We board a local bus which took 4 hrs to reach Khatra, which is 15 min from Mukutmanipur. Whereas the SBSTC bus which we planned to board takes only 2.5 hrs.
          Anyway, I was happy because we are not going back. It was morning and I got a window seat. I plug in the earphone and start listening to my favorite 90s songs. This 3 combination is my all-time favorite. The seat was not that comfortable but who cares music was playing, I had that window seat and it was morning and I still had to complete my sleep.
          Whenever I open my eyes I see rows of tall trees and clouds are complimenting those. Then I found myself lost in the thought of nature and then falling asleep again. And this continues till I reach the Bankura bus station. There I had to comb my hair because window seats and open hair are not that good friends. When I put off my earphone, I heard that my sisters and my friend weren't comfortable with the journey and can't wait to get off the bus. I didn't pay much attention to them. Because I was quite comfortable with my window seat and why not when journey blessed you with this beautiful cloudy weather.
          I had still 1 hr to reach Katra. The weather was so pleasant and I was lost in my thought wanting to pause the journey, wanting to not end this journey. It was my best bus journey I ever had in my life. I wanted to be there for more hours I was so happy that I couldn't think at that moment that I'm here to go somewhere else not these. It was not less than heaven to me. I thought this journey, itself so beautiful, what can be more beautiful than these. There was some inner happiness in me.
          We reach Katra and as soon as we reach there we got a tempo to Mukutmanipur. It was such an experience, it was no less than a minibus where people sat in the roof of tempo. From my window seat, I can only see legs hanging from the tempo roof.
We reached Mukutmanipur, which is the second-longest dam in India. The view was breathtaking but the weather was still cloudy. I started walking by the boundary of the dam.
 I spot one place from far and started walking towards that to sit on that and enjoy the view.
There was crystal clear water on one side and greenery on the other. Then the sun starts showing up. The sun rays Start burning our skin. So we started walking back to find shade.
          There were 2 ways of sightseeing. One is auto which cost 400 and one is a boat which costs 800. As my all-time favorite boat was there, so there was no way I'm compromising. So after bargaining, we hire the boat at 600.
This boat ride going to be for quite a long time. So I don't have to see the watch for any 30 min limit. It's was still sunny so the water looks so sparkling. I couldn't see any end of this dam, it was that big. I open the umbrella as the boat had no shade but I wanted to feel the crystal clear water. I wanted to get lost in the water.
we reached an island, there was a deer park. we had to take a tempo as it was 2 km from there and we were short on time so we can't walk that much. We thought we will seat for some time by the river then we will think of going to the deer park.
         I put off my shoes, watch and sunglasses, and went straight into the water. As I wore the quick-dry trousers so it's wasn't a problem if my trousers get wet. The water was so soothing that I wash my face and sprinkle little water on my hair. I feel like taking a bath but that wasn't convenient for me as I had to return the same day.

It was already noon and we were hungry so we decide to eat the snacks we had on the bus because to have lunch we had to return the starting point. The helmsman reminds us to have a visit to deer Park but We're so at the moment that we don't want to visit a cliched park. So we skip that one. There I learn for the first time it's ok to skip things if you have a better way to enjoy the moment.       

     Then we went to another island, where, is a mandir. As soon as we went out of the boat we start taking pictures. The boat driver was constantly telling us to pay a visit to the mandir as the weather became so cloudy and it can rain anytime. As I am not that spiritual person so I just ignored him. But he was constantly insisting on us, so we went upward. It was 2 min hike and a few steps. And the view from there was spectacular. The whole dam looks so mesmerizing. If we didn’t listen to him, we would have missed this.
When we were coming back we saw that the helmsman was running toward us. We thought he is coming, to call us, so we told him we are coming. But he told rain is coming so we have to wait till the rain come and it stops.
        Then we look at the dam. And what I saw, is so difficult to put into words and that I'll never forget ever in my life. I felt so lucky being there. We saw the rain coming towards us. The part, rain already covers, looks a little foggy. We're standing still looking at the rain coming towards us. I have never experienced that in life. Many says that it's very common. It might be common but the first thing it was my first time and I don't think any place can look so beautiful than this.
As soon as we realized it's going to rain over our place we started running upward to find shade. There was a tea stall so we went there and pick chairs and sat. The rain, the soothing sound was so perfect for a tired body.

        It was already 1:30 and we all felt so hungry and I was starving for roasted corn and hot soupy maggie. But unfortunately, there was only a tea and ice cream stall. And we can do nothing with our empty stomach. We had to wait until the rain stop.
 There I was suffering a mixed feeling. The feeling of going back and have our lunch as soon as possible and another feeling of staying here witnessing the rain.
        So to ignore our empty stomach we had to do something so we're gossiping about local people and their culture. So my friend who is from Purulia was giving us Puruliya language lessons. A few months back I went to Purulia to her home. I hardly learned one sentence in Purulia that is “I love Puruliya”. Then waiting for the rain to stop and local people by side. The rain finally stopped.
        We got the signal from helmsman to came back to the boat. It was still dizzying. As the wind was strong so the boat was swinging more.
My sister got so scared by these that she wore the life jacket and start praying. It was funny seeing her like that. But I just wanted to look at the wave. After the rain, it looks like God has painted the water into silver paint. It was so pristine. I took a deep breath and wished if I could hold the moment forever. Sometimes the most unwelcome things make the most beautiful thing. Like this rain, rain makes it even more beautiful. If it's wasn't raining we might have missed this too. I must say the weather act as the makeup of nature. 
Then we finally reached the border. And we ran to have lunch, It was awful but when you are hungry, all the food tastes good. As soon as we had our lunch we got the bus to Durgapur. But it was a local bus so we have to spend another 4 hrs. 
          After dusk, it was lightening and I had a 20% charge on my phone which would last for 2.5 hr easily so I was enjoying listening to the song. But sometimes lightning makes me scared but I had the faith 0that I would reach Durgapur safely.
        Then we finally reach. This trip was an epitome to perfect rides to fall for, maybe not for my companion but it was for me.  

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