Mousuni Island-What to Know Before You Go

Before heading to the main topic let me just give you a little introduction to this place.
So if you have visited this places 4 years back, you wouldn't have find electricity, Isn’t it gives us goosebumps when we heard “no electricity”. This is a small island in the Sunderban area which is attracting tourist since 2 years or we can say newly found island in West Bengal. And Mousuni growing its popularity by a unique accommodation in south Bengal that is camping or I should rather say glamping. The view you are going to see from the beach of Mousuni is more like an estuary than a sea. So if you are reading my blog, I assume as you are open to experiences. I have seen people comparing Mousuni with Digha, my request, just don’t do that. If we had to see the same place again and again then the word “explore” wouldn’t be there in the dictionary.
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Mousuni Island
So here are the three things to Know Before You Go Mousuni Island.
 1. Avoid taking a train unless you are ready to compromise or fight for the seat:
       So there is a rule made by daily passengers more like daily passenger union that u can't sit for the entire journey, That ridiculous right? when we believe in first come get the seat.
       You have to leave your seat in the Baruipur station unless u fight for it. And if you do, be ready to get scornful comments from them. If you don't want to get in all this trouble especially when you are having a wonderful time while traveling, you can simply opt for a bus.

2. Don't unhand the chance of a boat ride:
       Imagine boat ride in the sea that too in the sunset. so here is my advice don't wait for the perfect time, just do it NOW. Because the Rowing boat by the local helmsman without a license is restricted by the govt. The local helmsman, rowboat only when navy is not around otherwise they don't, as they don't have a license. This is quite strict in the Sunderban area as it shares a border with Bangladesh. 

3. Don't buy seafood without bargaining: 
       We all know tourist has to pay, high in tourist place than locals. They really charge high to the tourist. You will see fish store every few steps, so better ask the price in a few stores before buying. We asked for the price of crabs in one store, which was 700/kg, and got for 450/kg in another store.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!

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